Housing secretary's receptions 

Reception on Tuesdays remotely between 16:30-18:00. The housing secretary can be reached by phone 050 530 6049 during reception time.


Spring 2024 application period

Spring application period for apartments lasts from February 1st to February 29th. During the same application period the Foundation's residents, whose lease expires between 5/2024-8/2024 are able to apply for an extension to their residence. The Housing board of Savolainen osakunta evaluates the applications and the results will be send to applicants via e-mail. More apartments will become available every month and they will be offered to applicants according to the queue.

General information

Savolaisten Ylioppilaiden Säätiö (Foundation of Savonian University Students), established by former members of Savolainen osakunta, has student apartments. The foundation has apartments in Rautalammintie, Vallila and Maapadontie, Patola. Those who move alone may apply for a room in a shared apartment or for a studio. Couples/friends may apply for two-room apartment. Most of the foundation’s tenants live in a shared apartment.

The foundation’s apartments are mainly for the University of Helsinki students. Students of other universities (or universities of applied sciences) are also able to apply. An applicant must be a member of the Savolainen osakunta either when applying or when receiving the apartment, at latest.


The official times to apply for apartments are in 15.6.–15.7. (Summer’s application period) and 1.–28.2. (Spring term's application period). Applying is possible outside the official application periods, too. Applications that are received during other times than application periods are put on the end of the queue. The queue and applications in it will be removed when the next official application period begins.

Unlike HOAS, Savo University Students’ Foundation is not bound to offer apartments for all applicants. We select the applicants that are considered to be most sufficient.

How to apply

Please fill in this form to apply for apartment. Applications received outside the official application periods will be added to current queue for apartments.

Following attachements must be included in the application:

  • Certificate of attendance at the university
  • Transcription of completed studies. From freshmen: certificate of completed studies in high school
  • Tax assesment decision ('verotustodistus')
More information concerning tax assessment decision can be found from tax authority's website.

Moving in

Are you about to move in Säätiö's apartment? Please check the Information for residents!

Contact information:

Housing Secretary
+358 (0)50 530 6049
Reception time: Tuesdays between16:30-18:00