Savo Nation’s events for the fall of 2021

Freshmen events:

23.9. Semester opening party

We celebrate the new semester by having a party at the Nation’s premises. A great opportunity to meet other new members and get to know the old guard as well.

Dinner parties:

Horn Feast: 8.10.

The Feast, with its roots in the 19th century Savo-Carelian Nation is an event SavO shares with our sister nation Karjalainen Osakunta. The old drinking horn was a relic from the history of the two nations until being lost in 2009 (most likely stolen). The clubmasters of SavO and KO have since procured a replacement horn, and the tradition of sharing the horn and its mysterious contents continues with the annual Feast organized every fall. This year the event takes place at the premises of the Karjalainen Osakunta.

Freshmen’s dinner: 23.10.

A dinner party aimed especially at the Nation’s new members. The event is a great chance to get an introduction to the Finnish academic dinner party culture. Participation is free of charge for SavO’s freshmen.

For more information about the event’s for freshmen, contact the Freshman Major, Laura Väisälä.


Other events:

Independence Day celebrations: 6.12.

SavO celebrates the Finnish Independence day in an event, the participation of which is the only possibility for members to get the colours of the Nation.

The program consists of music by the Nation’s choir and orchestra, as well as a speech by the inspector. After the event at the Nation, we join the traditional University Students’ Torch Parade through the streets of Helsinki.

Talakkuna Feast 20.11.

The main event of the fall semester is the Talakkuna Feast, which takes place on November 20th.  This year’s event is 135st time the Feast has been celebrated by the Savo Nation. Originally, the Feast was the main event of the year for the Savo–Carelian Nation, and the Karelians continued celebrating the event together with SavO until 1948, after which Talakkunat has been the Nation’s main event of the fall semester.

In the feast, a three-hour show consisting of a parodic sermon in Finnish (in heavy Savo dialect) and music, both commenting on the events of the previous year, precede the eating of talakkuna and tirri, traditional Savonian foods.


General information

In addition to our variety of parties, Savolainen osakunta has a hangout on every Monday at 6pm. Once a month the evening is replaced by a meeting. As a member of osakunta you're varmly welcomed to join! Hangouts vary by their theme. One thing in common is that food or snacks will be served every time.

To stay tuned please join a mailing list for our members! You may join the list by sending a message to majordomo(at) The message must include a follofing paragraph: subscribe savo-tiedotus. If you are already on the mailing list and wish to end your subscription, please send a message including unsubscribe savo-tiedotus to the same mailing address.