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Savo Student Nation - Home to Savonian students


The Savo Student Nation of the University of Helsinki (SavO) is a student organisation originally founded by and intended for students coming from the Savo region of Eastern Finland but now open for any Savo minded student, be they from Savo or elsewhere. The members of student nations are university students from all fields and the Nation offers a homely and active meeting point to people of different backgrounds. Its premises are located in the very center of Helsinki, on the highest floor of the beautiful and historic New Student Building (Uusi ylioppilastalo, Mannerheimintie 5 A).

The emblems of the Nation are the colours (or band), the flag, and the coat of arms in the black and golden/yellow colours of the Savo county.

The activities of the organisation include a range of activities in culture and sports, many different academic parties, and naturally simple relaxed and laid-back free-time together. There is organised program on the premises every Monday, given by the different clubs and agents of the Nation. (These often include eating.)

The Nation has similar Friendship organisations in Estonia and Sweden, and the members of the Nation regularly get invited to the feasts of these foreign friends. The most important purpose of the Nation, however, is to act as a link between the University and its Savo-orientated students, as well as between academic life in the capital and the county. The Nation helps new students in accommodating to life in the new city, and also offers cheap student housing for its members.

There are 15 student nations at the University of Helsinki, representing different parts of Finland. The system of student nations in the University of Helsinki is 361 years old (since 1653). The Savo Student Nation was founded in 1905.



The magazine of the Nation, Susj ('Wolf'), comes out two times a year and is delivered for all current and senior members of the Nation. Non-members can also subscribe.

Many books and yearbooks of the history and life of the Nation and its students have been published in Finnish. The Nation also has its own songbook, used in the academic parties.