SavO operators

Who are we?

Here you can take a look at the list of the most important officials who run the Nation and keep it active (for photos, go to Virkailijat). If the name of the office is given in the Savo dialect, the standard Finnish form is given in brackets.


Inspehtori = Inspector - A professor of the University of Helsinki and the highest supervisor of the Nation. Chairman in the meetings.

Kurraattorj (kuraattori) = Curator, Representative director (contact: savo-kuraattori(at)

Toeminnansotkija (toiminnanjohtaja) = Executive director (contact: savo-toiminnanjohtaja(at)

Tallouvenhoetaja (taloudenhoitaja) = Treasurer

Sihteeri = Secretary

Neuvosto = Board of the Nation (contact; savo-neuvosto(at)

Piätoemittaja (päätoimittaja) = Chief editor of the magazine Susj

Vuksimajurj (fuksimajuri) = Freshman major - helps new members and organizes merry events for them: such as an annual excursion to the chocolate factory Fazer

Emäntä = Matron - is responsible for general cleanliness of the Nation and provides meetings with coffee and pastries

Isäntä = Landlord/Clubmaster - is also responsible for the general cleanliness of the Nation and takes care of the academic refreshments


Tietotekniikkasihteeri = IT secretary

Huvipäällikkö = Amusement director - it is in general very unclear what this office entails

Maakuntasihteeri = Province secretary - responsible for keeping contact with and informing about recent events in the mother county (Savo).

KV-sihteeri = Secretary of international affairs - keeps in touch with the friendship organizations in Estonia and Sweden, and delivers invitations to their parties.

Kulttuurisihteeri = Secretary of culture

Opintosihteeri = Studies secretary

Urheiluohjaaja = Sports manager

Kappalainen = Chaplain

Seniorisihteeri = Secretary of senior affairs

Laulunjohtaja = Song conductor

Musiikkimestari = Music manager

Valokuvaaja = Photographer

Historioitsija = Historian

Vaalipäällikkö = Elections manager

Lipunkantajat = Flag-bearers

Juhlamestarit = Masters of the Nations three biggest festivities